Monday, December 18, 2017

The Blue Harvest

Kuat Drive Yards Starwind-class Pleasure Yacht

Length: 50 meters
Crew: 5
Crew Skill: Varies widely
Passengers: 10

The Starwind-class pleasure yacht was a luxury starship produced by Kuat Drive Yards. It was originally intended to compete with CEC's YT-series, which it bore a slight resemblance to, especially in the cockpit. Before the design was completed, it was repackaged as a yacht for wealthy customers.

Overall, the 50-meter-long ship had a flattened ovoid shape. It had a cargo capacity of 20 tons, and was configured to mount a pair of quad laser cannons, though the cannons were not included as standard. The Starwind-class yacht was also equipped with a single escape pod, which was based on the Star Galleon-class frigate's main cargo bay. Unlike other escape pods, it was equipped with its own hyperdrive, and was programmed to make random jumps until reaching the nearest habitable planet or major spacelane, where the ship's crew and passengers could be rescued.

Deckplan Key:
1. Cockpit
2. Computer/Life Support
3. Equipment Storage
4. Armory
5. Crew Refresher
6. Crew Galley
7. Passenger Galley
8. Pantry/Backup Autochef
9. Equipment Storage
10. Autochef Computer
11. Stateroom
12. Passenger Lounge
13. Dining Room
14. Zero-G Relaxation Chamber
15. Holotheater
16. Crew Area
17. Crew Quarters
18. Escape Pod
19. Cargo Bay
20. Audio-Visual Library
21. Game Room
22. Sensory Deprivation Chamber
23. Engineering Deck
24. Passenger Boarding Ramp
25. Crew Boarding Ladder

These Are The Droids You're Looking For.


Also known as Sign

S19 Astromech Droid

Production information

Manufacturer - LesTech

Class - Second-degree astromech droid

Cost - 8625 credits

Height - 1 meter

The S19 astromech droid was a droid designed by LesTech to attempt a foray into the lucrative astromech market. Built on a boxy chassis, much like the EG-6 power droid it moves on a wide, single track that could cause it to be unstable and prone to tipping over during quick maneuvers. It has a claw appendage, six tool appendages, a five-jump astrogation buffer, internal comlink and a holorecorder.

The S19 could be modified for several different purposes. By reinforcing the droid, gutting the internals, and installing a small gravity well generator it could be used to prevent enemies from clear shots.

A S19 could become a mobile shield generator by removing the astrogation buffer and holorecorder and installing a shield generator. It would then provide protection for a small group of people. A S19 was able to be modified to act as a trailblazer and scout by removing the track and installing a repulsorlift unit. It needed to be reprogrammed to deal with terrain instead of hyperspace jumps.


Called A4, for short.

SE4 Servant Droid

Production information

Manufacturer - Industrial Automaton

Class - Servant/Protocol droid; Third-degree droid

The SE4 series has a market cost of 2,600 credits new,

1,300 credits used.

Height - 1.6 meters

The SE4 servant droid or SE4 Series Protocol Droid are a line constructed by Industrial Automaton to help with the planning of social occasions and parties. The SE4 stands at 1.6 meters tall and is built according to a basic humanoid frame. 

On the lining of the left index finger, the SE4 is fitted with a taste bud, and the sensor is more sensitive than that of a Human. Aside of being good cooks, SE4 droids are equipped with very limited translator circuits containing about one hundred languages.

The SE4 is an old model, but it could be upgraded with the newest dishes and banquet customs, so the SE4 line would never really become 'outdated'.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Episode 1: Epilogue

On the bridge of the Star Destroyer, Avenger, he stood like an ominous black citadel overlooking a village flurrying with activity. He stood motionless as the red robed figure departed the turbolift and crept ever closer to the Dark Lord of the Sith.

"I have arrived by the Emporer's command to put you to task." the red robed one spoke, his voice shrill and pitched above the sounds of the busy bridge officers.

Vader's helm turned only slightly, "You will address me as your better, Inquisitor."

"Bah," the Inquisitor spat. "Indeed you may be a Dark Lord of the Sith, but the Emperor loose faith in your abilities. I am here to ... absolve that. Prepare yourself to be tested under the Emporer's command!" 

The Inquisitor turned back to the turbolift and felt a slight twinge at his throat ... delicate as it was ominous. He sharply turned back to look at the Dark Lord. He had returned his gaze to the planet below on the main viewscreen. He stood large and looming, but uttered no recognition to the Inquisitor; only his hollow breath echoed above the bridge noise.

"I shall not fail in my task," thought the Inquisitor, peering at Vader with shrewd, discerning yellow eyes.

"I will break him."

Episode 1: Disintegrations Optional

The Starwind Class Pleasure Yacht, The Blue Harvest, glided gently toward the surface of Saleucami, when Ral Keks' Bounty Guild Datacomm came online and offered such a lucrative bounty as not to be lightly dismissed. Excitedly, the Duros gunslinger shared this information with the notorious outlaw, Tempus Thales, a fellow crewmate.

Their overall mission had been set before them weeks ago. They were all recruited by the Bothan Agent of The Rebellion against the Empire, Tav Soong. The crew was tasked with finding avenues of credit that could help the floundering Rebellion. A lucrative bounty sounded like an excellent place to begin.

Upon following up on the case, they were told by a woman calling herself Venlana that she represented the Zann Consortium and that they were suffering losses from a pirate band known as the Veiled Sorority, lead by a mysterious and deadly Pirate Queen. The crew was advised to make their landing in Taleucema, the capital of Saleucami, where they were expected at a face to face meeting to iron out the details of their arrangement.

As they prepared for landing, Thales gathered the crew in the galley. Hound, a former clonetrooper of advanced age, sat with Bando Blades, a former padawan learner; both relics of a long forgotten era. Standing behind them was former slave to the Empire and Alien Student of The Force, the Wookiee, Kyyrosawa. On the other side of the galley, pilfering for snacks was Rebel Specforces Heavy Weapons Expert, Boltz, his large, ever present helmet gleaming under the bright Fleureso lighting. Thales explained what he knew of the proposed mission and all were in agreement that that this would be their best option at the moment, as Bounty Hunters drew little notice in Huttspace.

The made their way to the Trader's Belt of Taleucema and soon found themselves in lavish surroundings of the Paradise Cantina. This wasn't the typical spacer's watering hole. Here, among grand tapestries depicting mythical tales of Saleucami's romantic settlement period; a large blue Twilek in splendid finery greeted the crew and escorted them to a back room as beautifully decorated as the first. Venlana greeted the crew warmly and offered drinks to the crew. She then offered them a 500cr retainer, to be subtracted from the 10,000cr bounty per member of the crew, upon apprehension of the Pirate Queen, wanted dead or alive. She had only a few scant leads to go on; a former pirate of the Veiled Sorority known as Graf Lind, Krezo Wasanti, a Rodian fence who has been known to deal with the pirates, and a data node called SororiNet which may or may not be the pirate's computer network.

Graf Lind turned out to be a one legged drunken waste, but he wanted to reclaim his former glory by striking back at the Queen who ruined him many years ago. His information on the Pirates was old news, but Thales thought he might yet prove useful and allowed him to join the crew.

Krezo proved more useful, but the Rodian fence was a shrewd negotiator.  Thales conned the fence with information that the Bulk Cruiser, Aurora Galactic, was secretly shipping large quantities of Bubse Spice and he wanted to pass this information on to the Pirates directly. Krezo wanted in for the cut and refused to give up information on the Pirates. The stalemate was broken by lubricating the deal with 10,000cr in the Rodian's pocket, and he reviled the location of a pirate base in Blackwind Crater where his primary contact was a woman named Mandi.

Thales had tasked the droids, A-SE4, a servant droid who was essential for operating the Blue Harvest as a legitimate front as a luxury liner; and SI9-9, an after market Astromech Droid, to both start booking passengers and investigate the SororiNet lead.

The crew's rented speeder raced across amber waves of tall grasslands on their way to Blackwind Crater, and upon first sight of it, they noticed a fertile rainforest surrounding deep volcanic vents along the crater floor. They descended through the thick canopy, but unknown to the crew, they were being watched by military grade macrobinoculars ...

The speeder was unable to breach the thick vegetation on the floor of the crater, so the crew set off on foot in search of the mysterious pirate base. Kyyrosawa brandished his vibroblade to cut a path, as they delved into the ever-growing darkness of the rainforest. Before long, they came upon an astounding discovery ... a squad of fully armed Clonetroopers blocking their way and demanding their surrender. Hound stepped forward and greeted the Clones as brothers, yet the old soldiers were wary.

It was in this tense moment a terrible roar echoed through the canopy. A large beast, four legged and crab-like crashed through the forest and attacked all who were present, Clone and Wookiee alike.

The battle was fierce and swift - Kyyrosawa cleaving one of the beast's legs from it's shell while Thales took aim at a head-like stalk near the top of the monstrosity. The Clones whittled it down with supporting fire and the creature soon plummeted to the mossy ground, quite dead.

The Clone Commander identified himself as Commander Zeke and clasped arms with Hound. Zeke asked what the crew was doing here in Blackwind Crater, to which Hound replied that they were searching for pirates. Zeke seemed troubled at this and explained that work was hard to come by for these old soldiers and that they were the security team for the very pirates they were looking for. Thales went on to explain that they were also working against the Empire and perhaps he could provide better work for old soldiers ... work that could make a difference in the galaxy. After some thought, as none of the clones relished the thought of working for ruthless pirates, Zeke and his soldiers agreed to become allies with the crew and lead them to the pirate base.

The base was infiltrated rather easily with Clonetrooper escorts, and with minimal effort, excluding elbow strikes to the neck and shoulders of a few guards, the crew made their way to the control room where they did confront the Pirate Queen. She fell in a hail of blaster fire, never knowing quite what the ruckuss was about.

With new allies for the Rebellion and more than a few credits to spare, the crew turned in the corpse of the Pirate Queen and collected their bounty.  While having celebratory drinks at a local cantina, Ral Kek's comlink alerted a message from Venlana that they had brought her an imposter. Furthermore, the Pirates had struck again, savagely killing all aboard one of the Zann Consortium's Bulk Cruisers. The Veiled Sorority then transmitted a message to the Zann Consortium: “Queens do not die so easily.”

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away ...

West End Games' Star Wars Roleplaying Game was, by and far, and has been, the absolute BEST system for Star Wars gaming. Its simplicity to learn and its fast pace gameplay are perfect matches to host the Star Wars feel.

Having said that, that doesn't mean there wasn't room for improvement. The D6 Community, in the guise of Womprat Press, has developed the fantastic REUP version of the rules, which is what our group of players will be using.

Our timeline will begin before the events of Rogue One, A Star Wars Story, perhaps more in the mid-Star Wars Rebels era ... in a time where the Galaxy yearns for A New Hope, yet there is not one ... not yet anyways.

EDIT: On second thought, we're going to use the original Star Wars Roleplaying Game rules set, as they feel simpler, faster, and more suitable to our group's need - everyone is already familiar with those rules.